Welcome to my website! That girl in the picture is me and here’s a little life story about the girl behind the prints.

I was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. My family is from South Korea, although New Zealand is now our home. I grew up loving art and anything creative but I felt pressured by society to get a ‘real job/real degree’ that would help me earn more money.

So here we are, working a full-time job in the corporate world, studying part-time to be a graphic designer, and running a small business that is HK Designs. 

I’ve done this gig on and off for the last few years but I’ve finally found my mojo to keep it going (and now with a more variety of prints!).

I’m still learning, but I believe it’s more about the journey than the destination 🙌🏽

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my prints as much as I loved creating them ✨